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J. Robert Oppenheimer
Brilliant, charming and extremely insecure — a dangerous combination.
Niels Bohr
A giant of Physics with enormous moral and physical courage — also unbeatable at ping pong..
Madame Curie
The Mother of Radioactivity loves to feel the burn.
Enrico Fermi
The irrepressible Italian with the triumphant grin. Madly, passionately In love with Physics — and Laura.
Laura Fermi
Long-suffering wife of the Nobel Prize winner. “Enrico, I iron your shirts every day. How seriously can I take you?”
General Groves
Doesn't suffer fools gladly — or Nobel-prize-winners either.
Werner Heisenberg
Everybody loves the Golden Boy Genius. Until he starts making an atomic bomb for Adolf Hitler.
Lise Meitner
As brilliant as she is shy, Meitner uncovers the secret of fission — and the world is torn apart.
Ernest Rutherford
Great God! The big bluff Brit discovers that the teeny weeny atom has an itsy bitsy nucleus.
Leo Szilard
One of the most original minds on the planet. With an infuriating personality to match.
Edward Teller
Maniacally intense, the brainy Hungarian with the crazy eyebrows is trouble.
The first man-made element — God had nothing to do
with it. The Devil maybe did.
Heavy Water
The Big Wet Guy’s great at producing chain reactions. The Nazis want him bad. The Allies want him dead.
La Bomba
Ladies and Gentlemen,
this Goddess is a Bitch.