Oppenheimer and the Bomb Squad

About Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is an animated musical about the gang that made the Atomic Bomb.

It’s a race against time. It’s a tale of friend against friend. It’s a relentless action thriller. It’s a dark World War II comedy. It’s science run amok. It’s all true.
And it’s a musical.

This project is in development. Items completed include: a trailer, a full-length script, words and music for a dozen songs, and a full-length animatic of the film.

Bomb Squad is an irreverent look at history. Aside from the singing and dancing scientists, atoms, and sub-atomic particles, everything depicted is true — to the best of our ability. It’s a period piece. This is how it all happened, why it all happened, and how the atomic scientists thought and felt about what they were doing — while they were doing it. When the Bomb finally explodes for the time in history, some cheered, some cried, some threw up. This is their story.